Men Volleyball Olympic Games 2000 Intercontinental Qualification
Argentina, Spain and Netherlands qualified to Olympic Games Men 2000.
TeamsWorld CupContinentalGroupWR
Spain6th Group B7.
Netherlands Europe Men OQ 20003rdGroup C8.
Argentina9thSouth America Men OQ 20002ndGroup A9.
Japan10thAsia Men OQ 19992ndGroup A18.
France Host of a TournamentGroup C-.
China11thAsia Men OQ 19993rdGroup B13.
Canada8thNorceca Men OQ 20002ndGroup C10.
Venezuela South America Men OQ 20003rdGroup A17.
Greece Host of a TournamentGroup B-.
Tunisia12thAfrica Men OQ 20002ndGroup B20.
Portugal Host of a TournamentGroup A-.
Taiwan Asia Men OQ 19994thGroup C34.
Spain initialy played in the Preliminary Round of the European Qualification, but later received a Wild Card to World Cup Men 1999.
After failing to qualify via World Cup received a place in this Qualification Round as Host.
Quotas for Intercontinetal Rounds
Europe (4+1): Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, France
Asia (3): Japan, China, Taiwan
Norceca (2): Canada
South America (2): Argentina, Venezuela
Africa (1): Tunisia
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. Argentina309:11.181
2. Japan216:31.116
3. Venezuela124:80.886
4. Portugal032:90.891
Japan ---3:03:0
Venezuela ---3:2
Portugal ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.
played at Matosinhos (POR)
21.07Argentina3-0Japan75-6225-2025-2125-21 1:13910
22.07Argentina3-1Venezuela100-8425-1725-2725-2025-20 1:34820
22.07Japan3-0Portugal75-6225-2125-2025-21 1:202,130
23.07Japan3-0Venezuela75-5325-1825-1525-20 1:08810
23.07Argentina3-0Portugal79-6925-2125-2129-27 1:221,780
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. Spain309:01.281
2. China216:51.016
3. Greece123:70.943
4. Tunisia033:90.853
China ---3:03:2
Greece ---3:1
Tunisia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.
played at Piraeus (GRE)
24.07Spain3-0China76-6026-2425-1925-17 1:161,500
24.07Greece3-1Tunisia90-7525-1520-2525-1825-17 1:214,200
25.07Spain3-0Tunisia75-5625-1925-1725-20 1:10550
25.07China3-0Greece75-6225-1825-2225-22 1:185,300
26.07Spain3-0Greece77-6227-2525-1725-20 1:102,000
Group Cwlgfgaratio
1. Netherlands309:11.245
2. France217:51.133
3. Canada125:61.004
4. Taiwan030:90.649
France ---3:23:0
Canada ---3:0
Taiwan ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5durAtt.
played at Castelnau (FRA)
25.07Netherlands3-0Taiwan75-4225-1725-1025-15 0:521,500
25.07France3-2Canada108-10322-2525-2321-2525-2115- 92:092,600
26.07Netherlands3-0Canada75-5725-2125-1825-18 1:041,550
26.07France3-0Taiwan75-5325-2325-1425-16 1:011,540
27.07Canada3-0Taiwan75-5125-1925-1825-14 0:591,800
27.07Netherlands3-1France84-8925-2019-2525-2325-21 1:383,500
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