Men Volleyball IV South American Championship 1961 Lima (PER) 29.04 - Winner Brazil
Round Robinwlgfgapointsratio
1. Brazil4012:1190/672.836
2. Chile319:5132/1350.978-1
3. Argentina229:6200/1701.176
4. Peru133:9112/1620.691
5. Colombia040:1242/1420.296-1
Played along with Women IV Men South America Championship
Bolivia was in initial schedule but withdrew.
Teams Composition
Chile ---3:23:03:-
Argentina ---3:03:0
Peru ---3:0
Colombia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5dur
17.04ARG Argentina3-0PER Peru45-3215-1215-1115-9
18.04BRA Brazil3-0CHI Chile45-915-215-715-0
19.04BRA Brazil3-0PER Peru45-815-215-115-5
20.04ARG Argentina3-0COL Colombia45-1215-315-515-4
21.04BRA Brazil3-0COL Colombia45-415-015-215-2 0:33
21.04CHI Chile3-2ARG Argentina71-6412-1512-1517-1515-915-10
22.04CHI Chile3-0PER Peru46-2615-215-1016-14
23.04PER Peru3-0COL Colombia46-2615-215-1016-14
26.04BRA Brazil3-1ARG Argentina55-4615-615-97-1518-16
27.04CHI Chile3--COL Colombia

Teams Composition

1. Brazil
2. Chile
Roberto Gomez
Hugo Grisanti
Patricio Grisanti
Franklin Sir
Hernan Campero
Willy Cordal
Alex Veloso
Jorge Sanchez
Alberto del Valle
Alfonso Silva
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