Men Volleyball V World Championship 1962 Moskva (URS) - 12-26.10 Winner Soviet Union
Played along with IV Women World Championship Women 1962.
Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Romania were selected to play in the 1st Olympic Games Volleyball Tournament Olympics Men 1964.
Final Groupwlgfgapointsratio
1. Soviet Union9027:6482/3271.474
2. Czechoslovakia7222:15491/4211.166
3. Romania6323:16500/4611.085
4. Bulgaria6321:19534/5231.021
5. Japan5420:20474/4880.971
6. Poland3617:18452/4491.007
7. Hungary3618:21444/4780.929
8. Yugoslavia3617:21434/4960.875
9. China3614:24445/4820.923
Tie-Break - Set ratio.
3. Romania 1.437, 6. Bulgaria 1.105
6. Poland 0.944, 7. Hungary 0.857, 8. Yugoslavia 0.809, 9. China 0.583
Final Ranking
Teams Composition
Competition Format
Group 11-20
First Groups Round
Initialy Turkey in Group A and India in Group E. Finland transferred from Group C to Group A.
Soviet Union--- 3:0 3:1 3:0 3:2 3:2 3:0 3:13:0 3:0
Czechoslovakia --- 3:1 3:0 3:2 3:2 3:1 3:1 3:2
Romania 3:1--- 3:03:2 3:2 3:2 3:0
Bulgaria 3:2--- 3:1 3:2 3:2 3:2 3:1
Japan 3:2 ---3:1 3:2 3:2 3:1
Poland --- 3:0 3:0 3:0
Hungary 3:1--- 3:1 3:1
Yugoslavia 3:1--- 3:13:1
China 3:2 3:2 --- 3:2
Brazil ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
18.10URS Soviet Union3-2JPN Japan69-4510-1515-315-1014-1615-1
18.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-2BRA Brazil62-589-1515-715-118-1515-10
18.10POL Poland3-0YUG Yugoslavia45-1715-515-815-4
18.10ROU Romania3-2CHN China57-479-1515-1715-815-315-4
18.10BUL Bulgaria3-2HUN Hungary55-6015-75-1515-115-1515-12
19.10JPN Japan3-2YUG Yugoslavia66-4515-59-1512-1515-915-1
19.10CHN China3-2BUL Bulgaria65-637-1515-1311-1517-1515-5
19.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-2POL Poland72-6114-1612-1515- 915- 716-14
19.10HUN Hungary3-1BRA Brazil50-385-15?15-6?15-4?15-13
19.10URS Soviet Union3-1ROU Romania60-4215-1715-815-615-11
20.10HUN Hungary3-1POL Poland56-5211-1515-1315-1315-11
20.10CHN China3-2BRA Brazil70-5715-915-913-1512-1515-9
20.10URS Soviet Union3-1YUG Yugoslavia55-5015-915-1310-1515-13
20.10BUL Bulgaria3-2ROU Romania74-7311-1519-1713-1515-1216-14
20.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-0JPN Japan50-4318-1615-1217-15
21.10JPN Japan3-2HUN Hungary63-5712-156-1515-915-1115-7
21.10POL Poland3-0CHN China49-3818-1616-1415-8
21.10ROU Romania3-0BRA Brazil45-2815-615-1115-11
21.10URS Soviet Union3-0BUL Bulgaria48-3815-1218-1615-10
21.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-1YUG Yugoslavia50-2815-315-15-1515-9
Rest Day - Sunday 22.10
23.10BUL Bulgaria3-1BRA Brazil52-4315-1115-97-1515-8
23.10YUG Yugoslavia3-1HUN Hungary59-5015-914-1615-1215-13
23.10ROU Romania3-0POL Poland47-3315-815-1017-15
23.10CHN China3-2JPN Japan62-4515-611-1515-36-1515-6
23.10URS Soviet Union3-0TCH Czechoslovakia45-3015-815-1315-9
24.10YUG Yugoslavia3-1CHN China57-4915-1011-1516-1415-10
24.10JPN Japan3-2ROU Romania61-5115-114-1512-1515-315-7
24.10URS Soviet Union3-0BRA Brazil45-1915-415-315-12
24.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-2HUN Hungary62-4510-1515-1115-27-1515-2
24.10BUL Bulgaria3-2POL Poland74-6315-913-1516-1815-1115-10
25.10URS Soviet Union3-0HUN Hungary45-1915-1015-315-6
25.10BUL Bulgaria3-1JPN Japan61-4414-1617-1515-515- 8
25.10POL Poland3-0BRA Brazil45-2115-815-315-8
25.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-1CHN China55-4315-1015-510-1515-13
25.10ROU Romania3-2YUG Yugoslavia65-5312-1515-1115-88-1515-4
26.10JPN Japan3-1BRA Brazil52-4015-315-107-1515-12
26.10BUL Bulgaria3-2YUG Yugoslavia73-6815-1116-1413-1514-1615-12
26.10HUN Hungary3-1CHN China53-388-1515-615-515-12
26.10ROU Romania3-1TCH Czechoslovakia54-519-1515-1115-1315-12
26.10URS Soviet Union3-2POL Poland69-5110-1515-915-414-1615-7
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Soviet Union11033:6572/3521.625
2. Czechoslovakia9228:15581/4451.306
3. Romania9332:17651/5201.252
4. Bulgaria8327:19624/5451.145
5. Japan7426:20619/5891.051
6. Poland5623:20626/5961.050
7. Hungary6627:24615/5791.062
8. Yugoslavia5623:21524/5241.000
9. China5620:24547/5391.015
Group 11-20
11.East Germany8225:9479/3291.456
13.North Korea7425:16515/4201.226
eliminated in First Groups Round
-. Turkey DNS
-. India DNS
No qualifications.
East Europe: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 16
Asia: 5, 9, 13, 17
South America: 10
West Europe: 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21
Africa: 20
No qualifications - free entrance
Order of booking until 19th of August
Group 11-20wlgfgapointsratio
11.East Germany8024:3396/2191.808
13.North Korea6220:10404/2821.433
Tunisia were expelled after refusing to play with Israel. The scores were annuled.
Tye-break - set ratio
14.Italy 1.071, 15.Israel 1.067
16.Albania 0.812, 17.Mongolia 0.556
East Germany--- 3:1 3:1 3:1 3:03:0 3:0 3:0 3:0NP
Netherlands --- 3:1 3:1 3:1 3:0 3:1 3:0 3:03:0
North Korea ---3:0 3:2 3:1 3:0 3:1 3:0NP
Italy --- 3:1 3:0 3:1 3:0NP
Israel 3:1--- 3:2 3:0 3:03:0
Albania --- 3:0 3:1 3:0 3:0
Mongolia 3:1 --- 3:1 3:1NP
Finland ---3:0NP
Austria ---
Tunisia 3:0---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Kiev
18.10ITA Italy3-1FIN Finland57-3812-1515-515-715-11
18.10North Korea3-0Mongolia45-1915-515-115-13
18.10ALB Albania3-0TUN Tunisia45-2215-315-1115-8
18.10NED Netherlands3-0AUT Austria45-1215-015-915-3
18.10GDR East Germany3-0Israel45-1615-315-515-8
19.10Mongolia3-1FIN Finland54-4615-129-1515-815-11
19.10TUN Tunisia3-0AUT Austria45-2815-1315-615-9
19.10GDR East Germany3-1North Korea57-5516-1411-1515-1315-13
19.10NED Netherlands3-1ITA Italy58-4215-515-1013-1515-12
19.10Israel3-2ALB Albania59-5515-115-159-1515-1315-12
20.10GDR East Germany3-0FIN Finland45-1715-115-915-7
20.10NED Netherlands3-1Mongolia55-3515-510-1515-215-13
20.10North Korea3-1ALB Albania56-3315-411-1515-615-8
20.10ITA Italy3-0AUT Austria45-3015-1215-1315-5
20.10Israel3-0TUN Tunisia
Tunisia were expelled for refusing to play the Game against Israel.
21.10North Korea3-2Israel61-5315-108-1515-108-1515-3
21.10ALB Albania3-1FIN Finland54-4815-815-139-1515-12
21.10Mongolia3-1AUT Austria59-3315-715-114-1515-0
21.10GDR East Germany3-1NED Netherlands56-4415-1011-1516-1415-5
Rest Day - Sunday 22.10
23.10GDR East Germany3-0AUT Austria45-315-315-015-0
23.10Israel3-0FIN Finland47-2917-1515-815-6
23.10NED Netherlands3-0ALB Albania47-3215-1215-517-15
23.10ITA Italy3-0Mongolia45-1415-115-515-8
24.10ALB Albania3-0AUT Austria45-1115-415-515-2
24.10North Korea3-1FIN Finland54-2915-515-69-1515-3
24.10NED Netherlands3-1Israel57-4012-1515-815-615-11
24.10GDR East Germany3-1ITA Italy58-4015-1113-1515-615-8
25.10NED Netherlands3-1North Korea55-4315-1015-710-1515-11
25.10Israel3-0AUT Austria45-2415-815-815-8
25.10ITA Italy3-1ALB Albania52-4615-1215-117-1515-8
25.10GDR East Germany3-0Mongolia45-1715-515-615-6
26.10North Korea3-0AUT Austria45-415-315-115-0
26.10ALB Albania3-0Mongolia45-2615-815-1315-5
26.10Israel3-1ITA Italy56-4910-1515-916-1415-11
26.10NED Netherlands3-0FIN Finland45-1915-415-1015-5

First Groups Round.

First 2 Final Group>. 3rd and 4th to Group 11-20. Draw on 23th September.
Scores are transferred.
Group Awlgfgapointsratio
1. Yugoslavia309:1147/712.070
2. Brazil217:3133/951.400
3. Finland123:690/1210.744
4. Austria030:953/1360.390
-. Turkey DNS
Brazil ---3:03:0
Finland ---3:0
Austria ---
After Turkey DNS, Finland were transferred from Group C.
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Riga
13.10YUG Yugoslavia3-0FIN Finland45-1715-615-015-11
13.10BRA Brazil3-0AUT Austria45-1115-315-215-6
14.10FIN Finland3-0AUT Austria46-3116-1415-815-9
transferred to Group 11-20 Kiev
14.10YUG Yugoslavia3-1BRA Brazil57-4315-1015-912-1515-9
transferred to Final Group
15.10YUG Yugoslavia3-0AUT Austria45-1115-315-615-2
15.10BRA Brazil3-0FIN Finland45-2715-1115-515-11
Group Bwlgfgapointsratio
1. Romania4012:3217/1131.920
2. Hungary3111:6225/1671.347
3. North Korea228:6156/1700.918
4. Italy134:9132/1690.781
5. Belgium041:1280/1910.419
Hungary ---3:13:13:1
North Korea ---3:03:0
Italy ---3:0
Belgium ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Leningrad
12.10ROU Romania3-0BEL Belgium45-1115-315-415-4
12.10HUN Hungary3-1North Korea56-3615-311-1515-815-10
13.10HUN Hungary3-1ITA Italy59-3715-1115-414-1615-6
13.10North Korea3-0BEL Belgium45-2115-215-1115-8
14.10ROU Romania3-1North Korea61-3015-216-1815-215-8
14.10ITA Italy3-0BEL Belgium45-2015-615-1015-4
15.10HUN Hungary3-1BEL Belgium56-2811-1515-515-715-1
15.10ROU Romania3-0ITA Italy45-1815-1015-815-0
16.10North Korea3-0ITA Italy45-3215-1315-1115-8
transferred to Group 11-20
16.10ROU Romania3-2HUN Hungary66-5412-158-1516-1415-415-6
transferred to Final Group
Group Cwlgfgapointsratio
1. Japan309:1145/1011.436
2. Poland217:5174/1471.184
3. East Germany124:6128/1370.934
4. Albania031:984/1460.575
Poland ---3:13:1
East Germany ---3:0
Albania ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Kiev
13.10JPN Japan3-0ALB Albania45-1915-415-515-10
13.10POL Poland3-1GDR East Germany65-5420-1811-1519-1715-4
14.10GDR East Germany3-0ALB Albania45-2715-815-1115-8
transferred to Group 11-20
14.10JPN Japan3-1POL Poland55-539-1516-1415-1115-13
transferred to Final Group
15.10JPN Japan3-0GDR East Germany45-2915-1115-1315-5
15.10POL Poland3-1ALB Albania56-3815-1311-1515-915-1
Group Dwlgfgapointsratio
1. Soviet Union309:0136/582.345
2. China216:4135/1031.311
3. Netherlands124:696/1170.821
4. Tunisia030:946/1350.341
Soviet Union---3:03:03:0
China ---3:13:0
Netherlands ---3:0
Tunisia ---
Finland transferred to Group A after Turkey DNS.
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Moskva
12.10URS Soviet Union3-0TUN Tunisia45-1515-1115-115-2
13.10URS Soviet Union3-0NED Netherlands45-1015-015-415-6
13.10CHN China3-0TUN Tunisia45-1615-715-515-4
14.10CHN China3-1NED Netherlands57-4115-915-712-1515-10
15.10URS Soviet Union3-0CHN China46-3315-615-1316-14
transferred to Final Group
16.10NED Netherlands3-0TUN Tunisia45-1515-315-915-3
transferred to Group 11-20
Group Ewlgfgapointsratio
1. Czechoslovakia309:1149/682.191
2. Bulgaria217:3134/811.654
3. Mongolia123:781/1400.579
4. Israel031:974/1490.497
-. India DNS
Bulgaria ---3:03:0
Mongolia ---3:1
Israel ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Moskva
transferred to Group 11-20
13.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-1BUL Bulgaria59-4414-1615-1215-615-10
transferred to Final Group
14.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-0Israel45-1415-415-315-7
15.10BUL Bulgaria3-0Mongolia45-1215-415-315-5 0:35
16.10TCH Czechoslovakia3-0Mongolia45-1015-215-115-7
16.10BUL Bulgaria3-0Israel45-1015-315-315-4 0:39
Teams Composition
1. Soviet Union
Ivan Bugayenkov
Nikolay Burobin
Gennadi Gaykovoy
Vitali Kovalenko
Jan Labuckas
Georgi Mondsolevski
Yuri Poyarkov
Eduard Sibiryakov
Juri Chesnokov
Anatoli Tzirkov
Yuri Vengerovski
Dimitri Voskoboynikov
Coach: Givi Ahveyaediani
2. Czechoslovakia
Bohumil Golián
Zdenek Humhal
Petr Kop
Antonín Kovarik
Vaclav Kriz
Josef Musil
Karel Paulus
Pavel Schenk
Vaclav Šmídl
Josef Sorm
Josef Stolarik
Ladislav Toman
Coach: Josef Broz
3. Romania
Nicolae Barbuta
Gabriel Cherebetiu
Mihai Chezan
Georghe Corbeanu
Mihai Coste
Eduard Derzei
Aurel Dragan
Georghe Fieraru
Mihai Grigorovici
Caius Miculescu
Horatiu Nicolau
Davila Plocon
Coach: Nicolae Sotir
4. Bulgaria
Dimitar Zahariev-C
Vasil Simov
Gueorgui Konstantinov
Simeon Srandev
Iliya Asenov
Petar Krachmarov
Petko Pantaleev
Slavcho Jotev
Ivan Kochev
Marin Marinov
Kiril Anachkov
Nikola Lechev
8. Yugoslavia
Adolf Uranut
Branislav Bulatovic
Uros Ribaric
Dragan Rajacic
Petar Bojic
Josip Tomljanovic
Zoran Jivkovic
Zoran Petrovic
Vladimir Jankovic
Stevan Palisaski
Matjaz Jedretic
Mladen Kos
Joao Claudio
Marco Antonio
Coach: Samy Mehlinsky
Jelle Hoogland
Joop Tinkhof
Jan Osterbaan
Jacques de Vink
Certje Goedhals
Hans van Wijnen
Hans Jansen
Dinco van der Stoep
Hans Rump
Jacques Ewalds
Rob Groenhuyzen
14. Italy
Antonio BaroneMinelli Modena
Aldo BellagambiAssi Firenze
Franco BortolomasiCiam Modena
Tiziano CavazzutiAvia Pervia Modena
Mauro FangareggiAvia Pervia Modena
Sandro GrasselliniAlce Firenze
Mauro GrillenzoniMinelli Modena
Carlo Alberto MoisèCus Parma
Pierluigi TedeschiAvia Pervia Modena
Gianfranco ZanettiAvia Pervia Modena
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