Men Volleyball VIII World Championship 1974 Mexico City (MEX) - 12-28.10 - Winner Poland
Played along with VII Volleyball World Championship Women 1974.
Host choosen on 25.09.1970 in Sofia. Mexico won with 36 votes against 23 for Uruguay with 2 abstenees. Poland withdrew.
Final Groupwlgfgaratio
1. Poland5015:71.359
2. Soviet Union4114:41.241
3. Japan3210:101.082
4. East Germany239:110.956
5. Czechoslovakia148:130.892
6. Romania054:150.596
Soviet Union ---3:03:03:03:1
Japan ---3:13:13:2
East Germany ---3:23:0
Czechoslovakia ---3:1
Romania ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Mexico City
22.10 GDR East Germany3-2TCH Czechoslovakia70-5814-1615-1015-1011-1515-7
22.10 POL Poland3-2URS Soviet Union67-5716-149-1515-612-1515-7
22.10 JPN Japan3-2ROU Romania73-4615-612-1516-1815-115-6
23.10 JPN Japan3-1GDR East Germany59-4915-1215-914-1615-12
23.10 POL Poland3-2TCH Czechoslovakia72-5213-1514-1615-615-1015-5
23.10 URS Soviet Union3-1ROU Romania51-406-1515-615-915-10
24.10 POL Poland3-2GDR East Germany70-5115-715-913-1512-1515-5
24.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-1ROU Romania61-4016-1815-515-1315-4
24.10 URS Soviet Union3-0JPN Japan49-4015-1016-1418-16
26.10 URS Soviet Union3-0GDR East Germany47-2317-1515-215-6
26.10 POL Poland3-0ROU Romania45-2315-415-1015-9
26.10 JPN Japan3-1TCH Czechoslovakia57-5215-1110-1515-1117-15
27.10 GDR East Germany3-0ROU Romania45-1515-415-915-2
27.10 URS Soviet Union3-0TCH Czechoslovakia48-3318-1615-1215-5
28.10 POL Poland3-1JPN Japan60-4813-1515-715-1117-15
Mexico3-0BRA BrazilGr.7-12
27.10BEL Belgium3-1NED NetherlandsGr.7-12
26.10CHN China3-0TUN TunisiaGr.9-16 ')" onmouseout="return nd();"> missing games points
Final Ranking
Draw 17.05.1974
Teams Composition
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Poland11033:10613/4211.456
2. Soviet Union8327:10498/3871.287
3. Japan9228:13580/4381.324
4. East Germany6521:19478/4461.072
5. Czechoslovakia7426:17568/5031.129
6. Romania4720:23499/5470.912
Group 7-12
7. Bulgaria8327:13562/4021.398
8. Cuba8326:14526/4331.215
9. Brazil5618:18450/4321.042
Group 13-18
13.South Korea9227:8466/3141.484
14.United States8327:13524/4241.236
Group 19-24
23.Puerto Rico1104:30263/5050.521
East Europe: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7
Asia: 3, 13, 15
Norceca: 8, 10, 14, 20, 22, 23, 24
South America: 9, 21
West Europe: 11, 12, 16, 19
Africa: 17, 18
The Tournament was played in 3 Groups Rounds.
Final Groups Round>.
Group 7-12Toluca de LerdoBULCUBBRAMEXBELNED
Second Groups Round. First 2 to Final Group.
Group IToluca de LerdoJPNROUBULNED
Classification Round 13-24
Group JGuadalajaraUSATUNCANVEN
First Groups Round. First 2 to Second Groups Round.
Draw following the Ranking of Men 1970. First 2 seeded - snake distribution.
Group AGuadalajaraCUB-13GDR-1ITA-15VEN-23
Group BMexico CityMEX-HNED-14TUN-22DOM
Group CMonterreyBUL-2BRA-12FRA-17PAN
Group DTijuanaJPN-3BEL-8CHNCAN
Group FToluca de LerdoPOL-5URS-6USA-18EGY
Group 7-12wlgfgaratio
7. Bulgaria4112:31.524
8. Cuba4112:71.227
9. Brazil3210:61.134
Bulgaria---3:0 3:03:03:0
Cuba ---3:13:03:23:1
Brazil3:0 --- 3:03:0
Mexico 3:0---3:23:0
Belgium ---3:1
Netherlands ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Toluca de Lerdo
22.10 CUB Cuba3-1NED Netherlands60-3515-915-1715-215-7
22.10 BUL Bulgaria3-0MEX Mexico46-2616-1415-415-8
22.10 BRA Brazil3-0BEL Belgium47-3217-1515-1115-6
23.10 MEX Mexico3-2BEL Belgium63-5615-26-1515-1011-1516-14
23.10 BRA Brazil3-0NED Netherlands45-2215-515-515-12
23.10 BUL Bulgaria3-0CUB Cuba45-2815-815-915-11
24.10 BUL Bulgaria3-0NED Netherlands45-2715-715-1015-10
24.10 CUB Cuba3-2BEL Belgium71-5815-713-1515-1113-1515-10
24.10 MEX Mexico3-0BRA Brazil45-27
26.10 BUL Bulgaria3-0BEL Belgium45-1615-315-1115-2
26.10 CUB Cuba3-1BRA Brazil50-4615-94-1516-1415-8
26.10 MEX Mexico3-0NED Netherlands45-2415-515-1315-6
27.10 BEL Belgium3-1NED Netherlands58-1515--15--13-1515--
27.10 BRA Brazil3-0BUL Bulgaria46-3716-1415-1115-12
27.10 CUB Cuba3-0MEX Mexico45-2315-715-815-8
Group 13-18wlgfgaratio
13.South Korea5015:21.464
14.United States4114:51.304
South Korea---3:23:03:03:03:0
United States ---3:03:13:13:0
China ---3:13:03:0
France ---3:03:0
Egypt ---3:2
Tunisia ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Tijuana
22.10 CHN China3-1FRA France54-469-1515-1215-615-13
22.10 USA United States3-1EGY Egypt62-5515-1315-1717-1515-10
22.10 KOR South Korea3-0TUN Tunisia45-2615-815-715-11
23.10 CHN China3-0EGY Egypt45-2415-1015-715-7
23.10 KOR South Korea3-0FRA France45-2515-1115-515-9
23.10 USA United States3-0TUN Tunisia45-1715-1215-115-4
24.10 FRA France3-0TUN Tunisia45-2415-1115-415-9
24.10 KOR South Korea3-0EGY Egypt45-2615-1115-515-10
24.10 USA United States3-0CHN China45-2615-815-715-11
26.10 CHN China3-0TUN Tunisia45-14
26.10 FRA France3-0EGY Egypt45-1915-715-515-7
26.10 KOR South Korea3-2USA United States63-5915-1115-1212-156-1515-6
27.10 USA United States3-1FRA France55-4317-158-1515-215-11
27.10 EGY Egypt3-2TUN Tunisia73-6514-1615-119-1520-1815-5
27.10 KOR South Korea3-0CHN China45-3015-915-815-13
Group 19-24wlgfgaratio
23.Puerto Rico144:120.708
Canada ---3:23:03:03:1
Venezuela ---3:03:03:2
Dominicana ---3:13:1
Puerto Rico ---3:0
Panama ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Guadalajara
22.1009:30CAN Canada3-1Panama57-3015-115-412-1515-10
22.10 VEN Venezuela3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-1415-415-415-6
22.10 ITA Italy3-1Dominicana58-3013-1515-415-715-4
23.1009:30VEN Venezuela3-2Panama68-6514-1615-1215-109-1515-12
23.10 ITA Italy3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-1715-815-315-6
23.10 CAN Canada3-0Dominicana45-3015-1315-415-13
24.1009:30CAN Canada3-2VEN Venezuela55-603-1515-137-1515-1015-7
24.10 ITA Italy3-0Panama45-1515-815-315-4
24.10 Dominicana3-1PUR Puerto Rico56-5215-1315-1211-1515-12
26.10 ITA Italy3-0VEN Venezuela45-2715-615-1115-10
26.10 CAN Canada3-1PUR Puerto Rico57-3715-1112-1515-915-2
27.10 ITA Italy3-0CAN Canada45-3115-615-1315-12
27.10 VEN Venezuela3-0Dominicana45-2315-415-1015-9
27.10 PUR Puerto Rico3-0Panama45-3015-615-1015-9

Second Groups Round

First 2 to Final Group. Rest to Group 7-12.
Group Gwlgfgaratio
1. Poland309:11.543
2. East Germany319:51.133
3. Mexico136:90.950
4. Belgium030:90.570
East Germany ---3:23:0
Mexico ---3:0
Belgium ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Mexico City
18.10 POL Poland3-0GDR East Germany45-1215-415-615-2
18.10 MEX Mexico3-0BEL Belgium45-3515-1215-1115-12
19.10 POL Poland3-0BEL Belgium45-2915-915-1115-9
19.10 GDR East Germany3-2MEX Mexico71-5514-1615-912-1515-915-6
20.10 GDR East Germany3-0BEL Belgium45-1315-115-415-8
20.10 POL Poland3-1MEX Mexico55-5315-1215-118-1517-15
Group Hwlgfgaratio
1. Czechoslovakia309:21.387
2. Soviet Union216:31.250
3. Cuba125:60.912
4. Brazil030:90.603
Soviet Union ---3:03:0
Cuba ---3:0
Brazil ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Puebla
18.10 CUB Cuba3-0BRA Brazil45-2815-915-1315-6
18.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-0URS Soviet Union45-2515-715-1115-7
19.10 URS Soviet Union3-0BRA Brazil45-2015-615-615-8
19.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-2CUB Cuba63-529-1515-79-1515-1015- 5
20.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-0BRA Brazil46-3415-815-1216-14
20.10 URS Soviet Union3-0CUB Cuba45-2715-1015-1215-5
Group Iwlgfgaratio
1. Japan309:31.333
2. Romania218:51.072
3. Bulgaria126:71.137
4. Netherlands031:90.493
Romania ---3:23:0
Bulgaria ---3:1
Netherlands ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Toluca
18.10 JPN Japan3-0NED Netherlands45-1315-615-315-4
18.10 ROU Romania3-2BUL Bulgaria63-7317-157-154-1520-1815-10
19.10 ROU Romania3-0NED Netherlands45-2315-715-615-10
19.10 JPN Japan3-1BUL Bulgaria53-4315-1015-98-1515-9
20.10 BUL Bulgaria3-1NED Netherlands58-3715-913-1515-615-7
20.10 JPN Japan3-2ROU Romania70-709-1513-1515-1116-1417-15

Classification Round 13-24

First 2 to Group 13-18. Rest to Group 19-24.
Group Jwlgfgaratio
1. United States309:31.495
2. Tunisia217:50.944
3. Canada126:70.921
4. Venezuela032:90.818
United States---3:13:13:1
Tunisia ---3:23:0
Canada ---3:1
Venezuela ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Guadalajara
18.1010:00TUN Tunisia3-2CAN Canada69-6415-1011-1513-1515-1315-11
18.1012:00USA United States3-1VEN Venezuela54-3715-1015-69-1515-6
19.1010:00CAN Canada3-1VEN Venezuela55-5616-1416-148-1515-13
19.1012:00USA United States3-1TUN Tunisia45-2015-915-315-8
20.1010:00TUN Tunisia3-0VEN Venezuela45-3315-1115-915-13
20.1018:00USA United States3-1CAN Canada52-4415-915-55-1517-15
Group Kwlgfgaratio
1. China309:21.716
2. France218:51.331
3. Dominicana125:60.820
4. Puerto Rico030:90.401
France ---3:23:0
Dominicana ---3:0
Puerto Rico ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Monterrey
18.10 CHN China3-0Dominicana45-1815-415-215-12
18.10 FRA France3-0PUR Puerto Rico47-2315-317-1515-5
19.10 CHN China3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-915-215-315-4
19.10 FRA France3-2Dominicana65-4615-812-1515-88-1515-0
20.10 CHN China3-2FRA France61-6115-1215-58-157-1516-14
20.10 Dominicana3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-2315-515-715-11
Group Lwlgfgaratio
1. South Korea309:02.812
2. Egypt216:60.969
3. Italy125:61.035
4. Panama0310:90.387
South Korea---3:03:03:0
Egypt ---3:23:1
Italy ---3:0
Panama ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Tijuana
18.1011:00ITA Italy3-0Panama45-1115-115-715-3
18.1013:00KOR South Korea3-0EGY Egypt45-1515-515-215-8
19.10 EGY Egypt3-2ITA Italy57-4815-1315-65-1511-1516-14
19.10 KOR South Korea3-0Panama45-915-415-315-2
20.10 EGY Egypt3-1Panama52-3515-107-1515-715-3
20.10 KOR South Korea3-0ITA Italy45-2415-1115-915-4

First Groups Round

First 2 to Second Groups Round. Rest to Classification Round 13-24.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. Cuba309:11.644
2. East Germany216:31.333
3. Italy124:70.789
4. Venezuela031:90.614
East Germany ---3:03:0
Italy ---3:1
Venezuela ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played in Guadalajara
13.10--:--GDR East Germany3-0VEN Venezuela45-1215-215-315-7
13.10--:--CUB Cuba3-1ITA Italy58-4315-1313-1515-1315-2
14.10--:--CUB Cuba3-0VEN Venezuela45-2515-1215-315-10
14.10--:--GDR East Germany3-0ITA Italy45-2715-1015-515-12
15.10--:--ITA Italy3-1VEN Venezuela50-4915-1315-125-1515-9
15.10--:--CUB Cuba3-0GDR East Germany45-2215-815-815-6
In this Group should play Yugoslavia as seeded.
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. Mexico309:12.400
2. Netherlands217:41.291
3. Tunisia123:80.695
4. Dominicana033:90.552
Netherlands ---3:03:1
Tunisia ---3:2
Dominicana ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Mexico City
12.10 MEX Mexico3-0Dominicana45-1415-215-215-10
13.10 NED Netherlands3-0TUN Tunisia45-1315-215-515-6
14.10 NED Netherlands3-1Dominicana58-3615-813-1515-615-7
14.10 MEX Mexico3-0TUN Tunisia45-1615-515-715-4
15.10 TUN Tunisia3-2Dominicana62-417-1510-1515-215-415-5
15.10 MEX Mexico3-1NED Netherlands54-309-1515-315-415-8
In this Group should play Hungary. Later replaced by Dominicana.
Group Cwlgfgaratio
1. Bulgaria309:31.604
2. Brazil218:31.427
3. France124:60.876
4. Panama030:90.289
Brazil ---3:03:0
France ---3:0
Panama ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Monterrey
13.10--:--BUL Bulgaria3-0Panama45-315-015-115-2
13.10--:--BRA Brazil3-0FRA France45-2515-515-1015-10
14.10--:--BRA Brazil3-0Panama45-1815-415-615-8
14.10--:--BUL Bulgaria3-1FRA France58-3615-513-1515-415-12
15.10--:--FRA France3-0Panama45-1815-015-915-9
15.10--:--BUL Bulgaria3-2BRA Brazil67-6712-1510-1515-1215-1215-13
In this Group should play North Korea. Later replaced by Panama.
Group Dwlgfgaratio
1. Japan309:02.411
2. Belgium216:41.136
3. China124:60.852
4. Canada030:90.437
Belgium ---3:13:0
China ---3:0
Canada ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played in Tijuana
13.10 BEL Belgium3-1CHN China53-4215-515-108-1515-12
13.10 JPN Japan3-0CAN Canada45-1215-615-315-3
14.10 BEL Belgium3-0CAN Canada45-2315-615-915-8
14.10 JPN Japan3-0CHN China45-1715-1115-315-3
15.10 CHN China3-0CAN Canada45-2415-615-815-10
15.10 JPN Japan3-0BEL Belgium45-2715-1015-515-12
Group Ewlgfgaratio
1. Czechoslovakia309:21.505
2. Romania218:31.481
3. South Korea123:60.880
4. Puerto Rico030:90.319
Romania ---3:03:0
South Korea ---3:0
Puerto Rico ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Puebla
13.10 ROU Romania3-0KOR South Korea45-1915-415-815-7
13.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-1415-315-615-5
14.10 ROU Romania3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-1915-915-515-5
14.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-0KOR South Korea45-2415-1015-715-7
15.10 KOR South Korea3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-1015-715-215-1
15.10 TCH Czechoslovakia3-2ROU Romania68-6717-159-1515-1312-1515-9
Group Fwlgfgaratio
1. Poland309:21.604
2. Soviet Union217:31.424
3. United States124:60.899
4. Egypt030:90.370
Soviet Union ---3:03:0
United States ---3:0
Egypt ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played in Toluca
13.10 URS Soviet Union3-0USA United States45-2115-615-215-13
13.10 POL Poland3-0EGY Egypt45-1415-315-615-5
14.10 POL Poland3-1USA United States58-4115-1013-1515-1015-6
14.10 URS Soviet Union3-0EGY Egypt45-2015-915-515-6
15.10 USA United States3-0EGY Egypt45-1615-915-315-4
15.10 POL Poland3-1URS Soviet Union51-4115-96-1515-615-11
East GermanyWorld Men 19701st
BulgariaWorld Men 19702nd
JapanWorld Men 19703rd
CzechoslovakiaWorld Men 19704th
PolandWorld Men 19705th
Soviet UnionWorld Men 19706th
RomaniaWorld Men 19707th
BelgiumWorld Men 19708th
Via Continental Championships
HungaryEurope Men 19715th
ItalyEurope Men 19718th
NetherlandsEurope Men 19719th
South KoreaAsia Men WQ 19731st
TaiwanAsia Men WQ 19732nd
North KoreaAsia
United StatesNorceca Men 19731st
CubaNorceca Men 19732nd
CanadaNorceca Men 19733rd
Puerto RicoNorceca Men 19734th
DominicanaNorceca Men 19736th
HaitiNorceca Men 19737th
BrazilSouth America Men 19731st
ArgentinaSouth America Men 19732nd
VenezuelaSouth America Men 19733rd
TunisiaAfrica Men 19711st
EgyptAfrica Men 19712nd
Chinareplaced - Taiwan
Francereplaced - Hungary
Venezuelareplaced - Argentina
Panamareplaced - Haiti
Dominicanareplaced - North Korea
Draw on 16th of May 1974 in Mexico City.
Teams Composition
1. Poland
Ryszard Bosek189Plom
Wieslaw Czaja 192Czes
Wieslaw Gawłowski180Plom
Stanislaw Gościniak182Reso
Marek Karbarz188Reso
Miroslaw Rybaczewski191Olst
Wlodzimierz Sadalski191Plom
Aleksander Skiba184Plom
Edward Skorek192Legi
Włodzimierz Stefalski192Reso
Tomasz Wójtowicz197Avia
Zbigniew Zarzycki185Plom
2. Soviet Union
Yuriy Starunskiy
Leonid Zayko
Alexandr Saprikin
Vladimir Condra
Efim Chulak
Viktor Borsht
Vyacheslav Zaytsev
Anatoliy Polishtuk
Alexandr Vizjachyov
Vladimir Ulanov
Vladimir Chernishyov
Coach: Yuriy Chesnokov
5. Czechoslovakia
Vladimir Petlák
Jaroslav Stančo
J. Vondrka
Stefan Pipa
Jaroslav Tomáš
Miroslva Nekola
Drahomir Koudelka
Coach: Petr Kop
7. Bulgaria
Emil Valchev (Sl)
Tsano Tsanov (Sl)
Brunko Iliev (Sl)
D. Dimitrov (Sl)
Vl. Stoyanov (Sl)
Dimitar Zlatanov (CS)
Aleksandar Trenev (CS)
Zdravko Simeonov (CS)
Ivan Ivanov (CS)
Ivan Seferinov (CS)
Hristo Iliev (LS)
V. Mrankov (Ak)
Coach: M. Karaivanov
9. Brazil
Paulo Peterle (GB)1.9725
Moreno (SP)1.9226
Luis Eymard (SP)1.8724
Negrelli (SP)1.8424
Fernando (GB)1.9819
Lino (GB)1.8422
Danillas (SP)1.8922
Jose Delino (GB)1.8527
Bebeto (GB)1.8124
William (SP)1.8419
Suica (GB)1.9020
Ze Henrique (GB)1.8223
Marcio Botrel (MG)1.9219
Mario Marcos (GB)1.8125
Zezinho (GB)1.8121
Coach: Celio Cordeiro
Peter van VelzenAMVJ
Geert TrompetterAMVJ
Bert ReparonGoudse
Ad van der VeldenTurnh.
Pim UyterschoutVCH
Onno KalfRaak
F. BlangeStar.
R. KampmanZaan
W. ThewissenVCM
P. KoolGagg
E. van DijkEAVV
Coach: Ben Krijsik
Mandher Kaaniche
Naceur Bountaouf
Jameledine Zinaidi
Nejib Nejib
Hedy Karray
Antonio AlessandroPaoletti Catania
Massimo ConcettiBaby Brummel Ancona
Daniele DonatoPetrarca Padova
Francesco EgidiMinelli Modena
Gianni ForlaniCus Torino
Rodolfo GiovenzanaPanini Modena
Giorgio GoldoniPanini Modena
Gianni LanfrancoCus Torino
Mario MattioliAriccia
Paolo MontorsiPanini Modena
Andrea NenciniAriccia
Erasmo SalemmeAriccia
New admited countries in FIVB: Barbados, Bermuda, Honduras, Nicaragua, South Yemen, Islandia, Yemen, Qatar, Malta and Tanzania.
Central Africa was suspended.
DNS: North Korea, Argentina, Algeria, West Germany and Central Africa.
Women 1974
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