Men Volleyball XVII World Championship 2010 Italy - 23.09-10.10 Winner Brazil
Final RankingQualification
Finals played in Roma
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
Final10.1021:00Brazil3-0Cuba75-5825-2225-1425-22 1:2012000_ BRACUB
3-410.1017:00Serbia3-1Italy101-8825-2125-2026-2825-19 1:4812000_ SRBITA
1/209.1017:00Cuba3-2Serbia116-11022-2525-1731-2922-2516-142:027500_ CUBSRB
1/209.1021:00Brazil3-1Italy98-7925-1525-2223-2525-17 1:4911800_ BRAITA
Classification 5-8 in Modena
5-609.1017:00Russia3-0United States75-5925-1925-2125-19 1:214700_ RUSUSA
7-809.1021:00Bulgaria3-0Germany77-6926-2426-2425-21 1:284700_ BULGER
5-808.1017:00Russia3-1Bulgaria96-9225-2026-2420-2525-23 1:493000_ RUSBUL
5-808.1021:00United States3-0Germany75 6525-2225-2025-23 1:233424_ USAGER
Classification 9-12 in Firenze
9-1009.1017:00Argentina3-1Czechia93-9025-2218-2525-2125-22 1:44900_ ARGCZE
11-1209.1021:00France3-1Spain91-8625-1725-2316-2525-21 1:471800_ FRAESP
9-1208.1017:00Argentina3-1Spain99-8723-2525-1925-1926-24 1:46600_ ARGESP
9-1208.1021:00Czechia3-0France75-5725-2125-2025-16 1:15500_ CZEFRA
Final Rankingwlgfgaratiopoints
1. Brazil7223:101.152782/679
2. Cuba7222:151.047840/802
3. Serbia6322:131.065819/769
4. Italy7223:121.077810/752
5. Russia7224:101.175805/685
6. United States6319:141.076761/707
7. Bulgaria5421:131.070826/772
8. Germany3612:180.956659/689
9. Argentina6320:141.034767/742
eliminated in First Groups Round.
13.Puerto Rico239:100.968418/432
eliminated in First Groups Round.
Third Groups Round. Winners 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification.
Group O Roma
1st - Gr.G - ITA2nd - Gr.L - USA2nd - Gr.M - FRA
Group P Firenze
1st - Gr.H - SRB1st - Gr.M - ARG2nd - Gr.I - RUS
Group Q Firenze
1st - Gr.I - ESP1st - Gr.N - BUL2nd - Gr.H - CUB
Group R Roma
1st - Gr.L - CZE2nd - Gr.G - GER2nd - Gr.N - BRA
Second Groups Round. First 2 to Third Groups Round.
Group G Catania
1st-Gr.A - ITA2nd-Gr.C - PUR3rd-Gr.F - GER
Group H Milano
1st-Gr.B - CUB2nd-Gr.F - SRB3rd-Gr.D - MEX
Group I Catania
1st-Gr.C - RUS2nd-Gr.A - EGY3rd-Gr.B - ESP
Group L Ancona
1st-Gr.D - USA2nd-Gr.E - CZE3rd-Gr.C - CMR
Group M Milano
1st-Gr.E - FRA2nd-Gr.D - ARG3rd-Gr.A - JPN
Group N Ancona
1st-Gr.F - POL2nd-Gr.B - BRA3rd-Gr.E - BUL
First Groups Round. First 3 to Second Groups Round
Group DReggio CalabriaUSAARGVENMEX
Third Groups Round. Winners 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to Classification.
Winner O - Winner Q ; Winner P - Winner R
Group Owlgfgaratio
1. Italy206:21.067
2. United States114:31.179
3. France021:60.783
progress to
ItalyFinal Four
United StatesClass. 5-8
FranceClass. 9-12
United States ---3:0
France ---
United States eliminated France in the first game. Italy won the clash with the United States.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Roma
04.1017:00United States3-0France75-5325-1625-1425-23 1:142700_ USAFRA
05.1021:00Italy3-1United States92-9614-2525-2328-2625-22 2:069500_ ITAUSA
06.1017:00Italy3-1France100-8425-1825-2025-2725-19 1:4810400_ ITAFRA
Group Pwlgfgaratio
1. Serbia206:21.085
2. Russia114:31.147
3. Argentina021:60.784
progress to
SerbiaFinal Four
RussiaClass. 5-8
ArgentinaClass. 9-12
Russia ---3:0
Argentina ---
Argentina almost surprised Serbia. In a big mach Russia was eliminated by the first semifinalist Serbia.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Firenze
04.1017:00Serbia3-1Argentina96-8025-1521-2525-2225-18 1:382100_ SRBARG
05.1017:00Serbia3-1Russia96-9726-2825-1625-2127-25 1:512300_ SRBRUS
06.1017:00Russia3-0Argentina75-5425-2225-1725-15 1:142400_ RUSARG
Group Qwlgfgaratio
1. Cuba206:31.010
2. Bulgaria115:41.038
3. Spain022:60.948
progress to
CubaFinal Four
BulgariaClass. 5-8
SpainClass. 9-12
Bulgaria ---3:1
Spain ---
Despite the exelent defence Spain was beaten by Bulgaria. Cuba had a difficult win against Spain. In a decider Cuba had a chance to progress.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Firenze
04.1021:00Bulgaria3-1Spain103-9225-2127-2526-2825-18 2:033200_ BULESP
05.1021:00Cuba3-1Spain90-9125-2215-2525-2225-22 1:473500_ CUBESP2
06.1021:00Cuba3-2Bulgaria118-11522-2525-2326-2830-2815-112:154200_ CUBBUL
Group Rwlgfgaratio
1. Brazil206:21.194
2. Germany113:31.016
3. Czechia022:60.827
progress to
BrazilFinal Four
GermanyClass. 5-8
CzechiaClass. 9-12
Germany ---3:0
Czechia ---
Brazil and Czechia played an exelent five setter. Next day the tired Czechian team was demolished by Germany. The same happened with Germany against Brazil.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Roma
04.1021:00Brazil3-2Czechia110-9925-2022-2523-2525-2115-82:063700_ BRACZE
05.1017:00Germany3-0Czechia75-5425-2325-1825-13 1:142900_ GERCZE
06.1017:00Brazil3-0Germany75-5625-1725-2025-19 1:193450_ BRAGER
Second Groups Round. First 2 to Third Groups Round.
Group Gwlgfgaratio
1. Italy103:11.171
2. Germany114:30.994
3. Puerto Rico010:30.827
progress to
ItalyGroup O
GermanyGroup R
Germany ---3:0
Puerto Rico ---
For second place Germany destroyed Puerto Rico. No problems for Italy.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Catania
30.0917:00Germany3-0Puerto Rico75-6225-2225-2225-18 1:222000_ GERPUR
01.1021:00Italy3-1Germany96-8221-2525-1825-2125-18 1:465000_ ITAGER
02.1021:00Italy3-1Puerto Rico93-8425-2225-1618-2525-21 1:48 _ ITAPUR
Group Hwlgfgaratio
1. Serbia206:11.145
2. Cuba114:31.095
3. Mexico020:60.770
progress to
SerbiaGroup P
CubaGroup Q
Cuba ---3:0
Mexico ---
Easy Group for Cuba and Serbia.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Milano
30.0917:00Serbia3-1Cuba91-8516-2525-1925-2225-19 1:372300_ SRBCUB
01.1021:00Cuba3-0Mexico77-5725-1727-2525-17 1:164000_ CUBMEX
02.1017:00Serbia3-0Mexico75-6025-2325-1825-19 1:123600_ SRBMEX
Group Iwlgfgaratio
1. Spain206:31.095
2. Russia115:31.119
3. Egypt021:60.792
progress to
SpainGroup Q
RussiaGroup P
Russia ---3:0
Egypt ---
Russia decided to loose against Spain to avoid playing with Bulgaria or Brazil. Spain won the 2nd place decider against Egypt.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Catania
30.0921:00Russia3-0Egypt75-5625-2125-1725-18 1:161600_ RUSEGY
01.1017:00Spain3-2Russia104-10417-2522-2525-2125-2015-132:093100_ ESPRUS
02.1017:00Spain3-1Egypt103-8525-2028-3025-1625-19 1:463000_ ESPEGY
Group Lwlgfgaratio
1. Czechia206:01.304
2. United States113:51.048
3. Cameroon022:60.771
progress to
1stGroup P
2ndGroup O
United States ---3:2
Cameroon ---
Czechia uppset the United States. Cameroon almost did the same.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Ancona
30.0917:00Czechia3-0United States75-6325-1925-2225-22 1:283200_ CZEUSA
01.1021:00United States3-2Cameroon113-9323-2525-1425-2725-2015-72:183950_ USACMR
02.1017:00Czechia3-0Cameroon75-5225-1725-1825-17 1:135100_ CZECMR
Group Mwlgfgaratio
1. Argentina103:11.058
2. France114:31.039
3. Japan010:30.853
progress to
ArgentinaGroup P
FranceGroup O
France ---3:0
Japan ---
Argentina produced a surprise against France. France progressed after easy win against Japan.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Milano
30.0921:00Argentina3-1France91-8616-2525-1725-2325-21 1:453900_ ARGFRA
01.1017:00France3-0Japan75-6425-1925-2225-23 _ FRAJPN
02.1021:00Argentina3-1Japan91-8025-2216-2525-1425-19 1:36 _ ARGJPN
Group Nwlgfgaratio
1. Brazil103:01.339
2. Bulgaria103:01.316
3. Poland010:60.753
progress to
BulgariaGroup Q
BrazilGroup R
Brazil--- 3:0
Bulgaria ---3:0
Poland ---
Brazil destroyed Poland. And Bulgaria destroyed Poland. Shamefull defeat of Brazil against Bulgaria. Brazil was afraid to play with Cuba.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
30.0921:00Brazil3-0Poland75-5625-1625-2025-20 1:225650_ BRAPOL
01.1017:00Bulgaria3-0Poland75-5725-2225-1825-17 _ BULPOL
02.1021:00Bulgaria3-0Brazil75-5825-1825-2025-20 1:15 _ BULBRA
First Groups Round. First 3 to Second Groups Round.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. Italy309:21.266
2. Egypt125:60.957
3. Japan124:80.945
4. Iran125:70.895
progress to
ItalyGroup G
EgyptGroup H
JapanGroup L
Egypt --- 3:0
Japan 3:2---
Iran 3:1---
Round wins between Egypt, Japan and Iran. Iranian resistance against Italy.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Milano
26.0917:00Egypt3-0Iran75-5925-2125-1725-21 1:216150_ EGYIRI
26.0921:00Italy3-0Japan75-5025-2025-1625-14 1:2011800_ ITAJPN
27.0917:00Iran3-1Japan91-8915-2525-1726-2425-23 1:552800_ IRIJPN
27.0921:00Italy3-0Egypt75-6025-2025-1725-23 1:188700_ ITAEGY
28.0917:00Japan3-2Egypt120-10832-3423-2525-1925-1715-132:241500_ JPNEGY
28.0921:00Italy3-2Iran112-9725-2125-1021-2526-2815-132:196500_ ITAIRI
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. Cuba309:41.125
2. Brazil218:41.137
3. Spain126:70.967
4. Tunisia031:90.768
progress to
CubaGroup I
BrazilGroup N
SpainGroup H
Brazil ---3:13:0
Spain ---3:1
Tunisia ---
Spanish resistance against Cuba and Brazil. Tunisia tried to uppset Spain. Relative surprise Cubanian win in a derby match with Brazil.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Verona
26.0917:00Brazil3-0Tunisia75-4925-1425-2125-21 1:104700_ BRATUN
26.0921:00Cuba3-2Spain106-10025-2118-2525-1920-2515-132:095600_ CUBESP
27.0917:00Cuba3-0Tunisia75-4825-1825-1525-15 1:085530_ CUBTUN
27.0921:00Brazil3-1Spain101-9230-2821-2525-2025-19 1:546350_ BRAESP
28.0917:00Spain3-1Tunisia100-9525-2325-2225-2725-23 1:564000_ ESPTUN
28.0921:00Cuba3-2Brazil115-11534-3218-2523-2525-2115-122:216350_ CUBBRA
Group Cwlgfgaratio
1. Russia309:21.263
2. Puerto Rico218:41.030
3. Cameroon123:70.899
4. Australia033:90.855
progress to
RussiaGroup H
Puerto RicoGroup G
CameroonGroup M
Puerto Rico ---3:03:1
Cameroon ---3:1
Australia ---
Cameroon uppset eliminating Australia. Good resistance of Puerto Rico against Russia.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Modena
26.0917:00Russia3-0Cameroon75-5325-1125-2025-22 1:183216_ RUSCMR
26.0921:00Puerto Rico3-1Australia101-9125-2225-2226-2825-19 1:532300_ PURAUS
27.0917:00Puerto Rico3-0Cameroon75-6425-2225-2325-19 1:242961_ PURCMR
27.0921:00Russia3-1Australia99-7525-1725-1224-2625-20 1:413231_ RUSAUS
28.0917:00Cameroon3-1Australia96-8721-2525-2225-2125-19 1:491659_ CMRAUS
28.0921:00Russia3-2Puerto Rico109-9621-2525-1425-2123-2515-111:583313_ RUSPUR
Group Dwlgfgaratio
1. United States309:31.102
2. Argentina217:41.136
3. Mexico126:60.950
4. Venezuela030:90.804
progress to
United StatesGroup M
ArgentinaGroup L
MexicoGroup I
United States---3:13:23:0
Argentina ---3:13:0
Mexico ---3:0
Venezuela ---
Mexico almost surprise United States. Venezuela did not win a sigle set and was eliminated by the simpatic Mexican team.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Reggio Calabria
26.0917:00Argentina3-0Venezuela75-5825-2325-1725-18 1:201500_ ARGVEN
26.0921:00United States3-2Mexico106-10122-2519-2525-1825-2215-112:182600_ USAMEX
27.0917:00Argentina3-1Mexico92-7125-1225-1917-2525-15 1:433800_ ARGMEX
27.0921:00United States3-0Venezuela75-6125-1925-1325-19 1:233400_ USAVEN
28.0917:00Mexico3-0Venezuela75-6225-2225-2025-20 1:262900_ MEXVEN
28.0921:00United States3-1Argentina99-9222-2527-2525-2225-20 2:104600_ USAARG
Group Ewlgfgaratio
1. France309:41.142
2. Czechia218:51.007
3. Bulgaria126:61.025
4. China031:90.807
progress to
FranceGroup L
CzechiaGroup M
BulgariaGroup N
Czechia ---3:13:1
Bulgaria ---3:0
China ---
France beat Bulgaria in a big crash down. Czechia resisted against France and uppset Bulgaria. China was too weak.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Torino
26.0917:00France3-2Czechia111-10125-1922-2525-2124-2615-101:533200_ FRACZE
26.0921:00Bulgaria3-0China75-5525-1425-1925-22 1:133800_ BULCHN
27.0917:00Czechia3-1China94-8625-2119-2525-1815-11 1:464600_ CZECHN
27.0921:00France3-2Bulgaria120-11125-2223-2525-1728-3019-172:245000_ FRABUL
28.0917:00Czechia3-1Bulgaria107-10325-2327-2528-3027-25 2:081850_ CZEBUL
28.0921:00France3-0China75-5625-1725-2025-19 1:102500_ FRACH
Group Fwlgfgaratio
1. Poland309:31.134
2. Serbia125:61.029
3. Germany125:60.948
4. Canada123:70.888
progress to
PolandGroup N
SerbiaGroup I
GermanyGroup G
Serbia ---3:0
Germany ---3:0
Canada 3:1 ---
Maybe Serbia sufferred a strategic defeat against Canada. Germany resisted against Poland and defeated Canada in a decisive match.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5duratt.Stats
played at Trieste
26.0917:00Poland3-0Canada75-5625-2225-2125-13 1:255000_ POLCAN
26.0921:00Serbia3-0Germany75-5525-2125-2125-13 1:164750_ SRBGER
27.0917:00Canada3-1Serbia92-9025-2025-2217-2525-23 1:556540_ CANSRB
27.0921:00Poland3-2Germany108-10525-2021-2525-2222-2515-132:175980_ POLGER
28.0917:00Germany3-0Canada77-6727-2525-2225-20 1:324120_ GERCAN
28.0921:00Poland3-1Serbia96-8525-1925-1821-2525-23 1:436600_ POLSRB
Europe Men WQ 20108358
Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Czechia, France, Spain
Norceca Men WQ 20105334
United States ,Puerto Rico, Cuba, Canada, Mexico
South America Men WQ 2010281
Argentina, Venezuela
Asia Men WQ 20104221
China, Japan, Australia, Iran
Africa Men WQ 20103142
Egypt, Tunisia, Cameroon

Teams Composition

Teams courtesy to "Eliane Barros"
1. Brazil
1. Bruno Mossa Rezende
4. Alan Barbosa Domingos (L)
5. Sidney dos Santos Junior
6. Leandro Vissotto Neves
7. Gilberto Godoy Filho (C)
8. Murilo Endres
9. Theo Lopes
12.Joao Paulo de Figueiredo Tavares
13.João Paulo Bravo Pereira
14.Rodrigo Santana
16.Lucas Saatkamp
17.Marlon Muraguti Yared
18.Dante Amaral
19.Marioda Silva Pedreira Junior (L)
Coach:Bernardo Rezende
2. Cuba
1. Wilfredo Leon Venero
4. Yoandy Leal Hidalgo
6. Keibel Gutierrez Torna
7. Osmany Roberto Camejo Durruthy (L)
8. Rolando Cepeda Abreu
11.Rafael Ortiz Ortega
12.Yenry Bell Cisnero
13.Robertlandy Simón Aties (C)
14.Raydel Hierrezuelo Aguirre
16.Isbel Mesa Sandobal
18.Yosmany Díaz Carmenate
19.Fernando Hernandez Ramos
Coach: Orlando Samuel Blackood
3. Serbia
1. Nikola Kovacevic
4. Bojan Janic
5. Vlado Petkovic
6. Milos Terzic
7. Dragan Stankovic
8. Marko Samardzic (L)
9. Nikola Grbic ( C )
10.Milos Nikic
12.Milan Rasic
14.Ivan Miljkovic
15.Sasa Starovic
17.Borislav Petrovic
18.Marko Podrascanin
19.Nikola Rosic (L)
Coach: Igor Kolakovic
4. Italy
1. Luigi Mastrangelo
2. Davide Marra (L)
3. Simone Parodi
4. Andrea Bari (L)
5. Valerio Vermiglio (C)
7. Michal Lasko
11.Cristian Savani
12.Simone Buti
13.Dragan Travica
14.Alessandro Fei
15.Emanuele Birarelli
17.Andrea Sala
18.Matej Cernic
19.Ivan Zaytsev
Coach: Andrea Anastasi
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