Women Volleyball IX World Championship 1982 Peru - 13-25.09 Winner China
Final Four played in Lima
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5dur
Final25.09CHN China3-0PER Peru45-1715-115-515-11 0:49
3-425.09USA United States3-1JPN Japan47-3415-52-1515-815-6
1/224.09PER Peru3-0USA United States45-3415-1215-1215-10
1/224.09CHN China3-0JPN Japan45-2115-815-715-6 1:05
Classifiaction 5-8
5-625.09CUB Cuba3-2URS Soviet Union61-5215-49-157-1515-615-12
7-825.09KOR South Korea3-0BRA Brazil49-3815-315-1315-12
5-824.09CUB Cuba3-2BRA Brazil67-5215-610-1515-612-1515-101:45
5-824.09URS Soviet Union3-0KOR South Korea45-3215-1315-915-10 1:13
Classifiaction 9-12
9-1025.09BUL Bulgaria3-2HUN Hungary67-559-1515-613-1515-1015-9
11-1225.09CAN Canada3-0AUS Australia45-2115-715-715-7
9-1224.09HUN Hungary3-0CAN Canada45-2915-1115-1015-8 0:54
9-1224.09BUL Bulgaria3-0AUS Australia45-1215-515-415-3 0:39
Classifiaction 13-16 played in Arequipa
13-1425.09MEX Mexico3-2FRG West Germany58-679-1515-1215-124-1515-13
15-1625.09ITA Italy3-2NED Netherlands68-6717-1513-1515-128-1515-10
13-1624.09MEX Mexico3-2ITA Italy68-6112-1515-1111-1515-815-12
13-1624.09FRG West Germany3-0NED Netherlands45-1315-615-215-5
Classifiaction 17-20
17-1825.09PUR Puerto Rico3-2ARG Argentina59-5715-109-155-1515-1215-5
19-2025.09PAR Paraguay3-1ESP Spain59-4414-1615-715-1115-10
17-2024.09PUR Puerto Rico3-1PAR Paraguay54-4316-1415-48-1515-10
17-2024.09ARG Argentina3-2ESP Spain70-4715-613-1515-712-1515- 41:35
Classifiaction 21-23
21-2225.09INA Indonesia3-2CHI Chile61-566-1515-78-1515-417-15
21-2324.09CHI Chile3-1NGR Nigeria56-2915-1015-111-1515-3 0:55
Final Ranking
Second Groups Round
Classification Round 13-23
First Groups Round
Teams Composition
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. China8124:3386/1572.459
2. Peru7221:7376/2301.635
3. United States7223:7414/2591.598
4. Japan6320:9359/2251.596
5. Cuba8124:10439/3271.343
6. Soviet Union4414:12308/2641.167
7. South Korea7221:7373/2611.429
8. Brazil4515:17379/3711.022
9. Bulgaria5416:18369/3980.927
Classification 13-23
14.West Germany5417:12365/2701.352
17.Puerto Rico3511:19314/3980.789
NC.Peru II259:16
-. East Germany
-. Nicaragua
Asia: 1, 4, 7, 12, 21
South America: 2, 8, 18, 19, 22
Norceca: 3, 5, 11, 13, 17
East Europe: 6, 9, 10
West Europe: 14, 15, 16, 20
Africa: 23
The Tournament was played in 1 elimination Round and 2 Groups Rounds.
Second Groups Round
Classification Round 13-23
First Groups Round
First 7 teams qualified to Women 1986
China qualified to Olympics Women 1984
Some Eastern European Countries Boycotted the Championship for political reasons.

Second Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to elimination games.
Group Gwlgfgaratio
1. Japan4113:31.877
2. Peru4112:41.534
3. South Korea4112:41.312
4. Brazil237:110.912
5. Bulgaria144:140.622
6. Canada053:150.552
Japan--- 3:03:03:03:0
Peru3:1--- 3:03:03:0
South Korea 3:0---3:13:03:0
Brazil ---3:13:1
Bulgaria ---3:2
Canada ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Lima
18.09KOR South Korea3-0CAN Canada45-1415-815-215-4
18.09JPN Japan3-0BRA Brazil45-2415-515-1015-9
18.09PER Peru3-0BUL Bulgaria45-3015-1015-815-12
19.09JPN Japan3-0CAN Canada45-2315-515-915-9
19.09BRA Brazil3-1BUL Bulgaria57-3815-615-1312-1515-4
19.09KOR South Korea3-0PER Peru46-3716-1415-1115-12
20.09BUL Bulgaria3-2CAN Canada65-5710-1510-1515-1215-515-10
20.09JPN Japan3-0KOR South Korea45-815-015-315-5
20.09PER Peru3-0BRA Brazil45-2015-1015-415-6
21.09KOR South Korea3-0BUL Bulgaria45-1515-615-415-5
21.09BRA Brazil3-1CAN Canada52-2915-1015-27-1515-2
21.09PER Peru3-1JPN Japan52-3415-415-57-1515-10
Group Hwlgfgaratio
1. United States4114:31.620
2. China4112:32.020
3. Cuba4112:61.139
4. Soviet Union236:91.006
5. Hungary144:120.740
6. Australia050:150.231
United States---3:0 3:03:03:0
China ---3:03:03:03:0
Cuba3:2 ---3:03:13:0
Soviet Union ---3:03:0
Hungary ---3:0
Australia ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Trujilo
18.09HUN Hungary3-0AUS Australia45-1315-615-015-7
18.09CHN China3-0CUB Cuba45-1915-815-915-2
18.09USA United States3-0URS Soviet Union45-2515-615-615-13
19.09USA United States3-0AUS Australia45-615-015-315-3
19.09CHN China3-0HUN Hungary45-1115-215-715-2
19.09CUB Cuba3-0URS Soviet Union45-3015-1015-1015-10
20.09CUB Cuba3-0AUS Australia45-2115-615-315-12
20.09USA United States3-0HUN Hungary46-3215-516-1415-13
20.09CHN China3-0URS Soviet Union45-2115-615-315-12
21.09CHN China3-0AUS Australia45-615-215-215-2
21.09URS Soviet Union3-0HUN Hungary45-2415-715-815-9
21.09CUB Cuba3-2USA United States61-625-1515-1015-1011-1515-12

Classification Round 13-23.

Group Iwlgfgaratio
1. Mexico5015:03.261
2. West Germany4112:31.925
3. Paraguay329:71.101
4. Spain237:90.812
5. Indonesia143:120.677
6. Nigeria050:150.249
West Germany ---3:03:03:03:0
Paraguay ---3:13:03:0
Spain ---3:03:0
Indonesia ---3:0
Nigeria ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Arequipa
18.09MEX Mexico3-0NGR Nigeria45-415-115-015-3
18.09FRG West Germany3-0ESP Spain45-815-015-515-3
18.09PAR Paraguay3-0INA Indonesia45-2115-615-215-13
19.09ESP Spain3-0NGR Nigeria45-1515-615-315-6
19.09MEX Mexico3-0PAR Paraguay45-1015-415-415-2
19.09FRG West Germany3-0INA Indonesia45-2815-1315-715-8
20.09PAR Paraguay3-1ESP Spain55-3710-1515-1215-1015-0
20.09MEX Mexico3-0INA Indonesia45-1115-115-915-1
20.09FRG West Germany3-0NGR Nigeria45-515-015-115-4
21.09PAR Paraguay3-0NGR Nigeria45-1115-115-215-8
21.09ESP Spain3-0INA Indonesia45-3115-1215-715-12
21.09MEX Mexico3-0FRG West Germany45-2415-615-1015-8
Group Jwlgfgaratio
1. Netherlands4012:21.606
2. Italy3111:31.392
3. Argentina226:80.989
4. Puerto Rico135:80.846
5. Chile041:120.479
NC. Peru II146:12
Italy ---3:03:03:03:1
Argentina ---3:23:03:2
Puerto Rico ---3:13:0
Chile ---
Peru II 3:0---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Ica
18.09NED Netherlands3-0CHI Chile45-1415-115-615-7
18.09ITA Italy3-1PER Peru II
18.09ARG Argentina3-2PUR Puerto Rico74-6115-513-1516-1815-1015-13
19.09ITA Italy3-0CHI Chile45-1415-015-215-12
19.09ARG Argentina3-2PER Peru II
19.09NED Netherlands3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-2815-1315-1315-2
20.09ITA Italy3-1ARG Argentina50-3715-815-125-1515-2
20.09PUR Puerto Rico3-1CHI Chile59-4415-615-913-1516-14
20.09NED Netherlands3-0PER Peru II49-2815-1015-119-17
21.09ARG Argentina3-0CHI Chile45-2115-815-115-12
21.09PUR Puerto Rico3-0PER Peru II
21.09NED Netherlands3-2ITA Italy69-6615-915-1312-1511-1516-14

First Groups Round.

First 2 to Second Groups Round. Rest to Classification Round 13-23.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. Peru309:06.429
2. Canada216:31.582
3. Indonesia123:60.586
4. Nigeria030:90.207
Canada ---3:03:0
Indonesia ---3:0
Nigeria ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3
played in Lima
13.09PER Peru3-0INA Indonesia45-515-215-015-3
13.09CAN Canada3-0NGR Nigeria45-715-315-015-4
14.09CAN Canada3-0INA Indonesia45-1515-215-715-6
14.09PER Peru3-0NGR Nigeria45-015-015-015-0
15.09INA Indonesia3-0NGR Nigeria45-2115-815-615-7
transferred to Group I
15.09PER Peru3-0CAN Canada45-1615-115-1115-4
transferred to Group G
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. Cuba309:12.169
2. Hungary217:41.398
3. Netherlands123:60.688
4. Argentina031:90.445
Hungary ---3:03:1
Netherlands ---3:0
Argentina ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Trujillo
13.09HUN Hungary3-1ARG Argentina56-3515-611-1515-415-10
13.09CUB Cuba3-0NED Netherlands45-1815-1015-615-2
14.09HUN Hungary3-0NED Netherlands45-1215-415-515-3
14.09CUB Cuba3-0ARG Argentina45-1115-515-315-3
15.09NED Netherlands3-0ARG Argentina45-1915-1215-615-1
transferred to Group J
15.09CUB Cuba3-1HUN Hungary51-3615-96-1515-615-6
transferred to Group H
Group Cwlgfgaratio
1. Japan309:05.192
2. Bulgaria216:50.858
3. Mexico125:61.057
4. Spain030:90.274
Bulgaria ---3:23:0
Mexico ---3:0
Spain ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Tacna
13.09BUL Bulgaria3-2MEX Mexico57-677-1515-1316-144-1515-10
13.09JPN Japan3-0ESP Spain45-215-015-215-0
14.09BUL Bulgaria3-0ESP Spain45-1515-315-715-5
14.09JPN Japan3-0MEX Mexico45-1715-215-1215-3
15.09MEX Mexico3-0ESP Spain45-2015-515-715-8
transferred to Group I
15.09JPN Japan3-0BUL Bulgaria45-715-315-015-4
transferred to Group G
Group Dwlgfgaratio
1. Soviet Union206:07.500
3. Australia113:40.718
3. Chile021:60.411
NC. Peru II216:4
-. East GermanyDNS
-. NicaraguaDNS
Soviet Union---3:03:03:0
Australia ---3:1
Chile ---
Peru II 3:13:0---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played in Ica
13.09PER Peru II3-0CHI Chile
transferred to Group J
13.09URS Soviet Union3-0AUS Australia45-615-415-115-1
transferred to Group H
14.09PER Peru II3-1AUS Australia
14.09URS Soviet Union3-0CHI Chile45-615-415-115-1
15.09AUS Australia3-1CHI Chile50-3315-715-65-1515-5
15.09URS Soviet Union3-0PER Peru II
Group Ewlgfgaratio
1. South Korea309:12.209
2. Brazil217:31.388
3. West Germany123:60.832
4. Paraguay030:90.259
South Korea---3:13:03:0
Brazil ---3:03:0
West Germany ---3:0
Paraguay ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4
played in Arequipa
13.09BRA Brazil3-0PAR Paraguay45-915-115-115-7
13.09KOR South Korea3-0FRG West Germany45-1815-815-415-6
14.09KOR South Korea3-0PAR Paraguay45-615-115-215-3
14.09BRA Brazil3-0FRG West Germany48-3118-1615-715-8
15.09FRG West Germany3-0PAR Paraguay45-2015-1015-415-6
transferred to Group I
15.09KOR South Korea3-1BRA Brazil58-4315-1313-1515-1215-3
transferred to Group G
Group Fwlgfgaratio
1. United States309:02.411
2. China216:31.871
3. Italy123:60.568
4. Puerto Rico030:90.393
United States---3:03:03:0
China ---3:03:0
Italy ---3:0
Puerto Rico ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3
played in Chiclayo
13.09CHN China3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-915-015-115-8
13.09USA United States3-0ITA Italy45-1415-415-515-5
14.09USA United States3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-1615-515-715-4
14.09CHN China3-0ITA Italy45-815-315-115-4
15.09ITA Italy3-0PUR Puerto Rico45-2815-1215-1215-4
transferred to Group J
15.09USA United States3-0CHN China45-2615-615-915-11
transferred to Group H


CubaWomen 19781st
JapanAsia Women 19792nd
Soviet UnionOlympics Women 19801st
South KoreaAsia Women 19793rd
United StatesNorceca Women 19811st
ChinaAsia Women 19791st
BrazilSouth America Women 19811st
East GermanyEurope Women 19814th
BulgariaEurope Women 19811st
PolandEurope Women 19815th
CzechoslovakiaEurope Women 19816th
HungaryEurope Women 19813rd
From Continental Championships
RomaniaEurope Women 19817th
ItalyEurope Women 19818th
NetherlandsEurope Women 19819th
MexicoNorceca Women 19813rd
CanadaNorceca Women 19814th
ArgentinaSouth America Women 19813rd
ParaguaySouth America Women 19814th
AustraliaAsia Women 19794th
IndonesiaAsia Women 19795th
West GermanyEurope Women 198110th
SpainInvitation - replaced Poland
NicaraguaInvitation - replaced East Germany
ChileInvitation - replaced Czechoslovaia
Puerto RicoInvitation - replaced 2nd Africa
Peru IIreplaced Nicaragua

Teams Composition.

1. China
Huying Cao
Hxa Ciang Chen
Zhaodi Chen
Xing Jing
Ping Lang
Yan Liang
Keizhi Sheng
Jinfang Sun
Xi Yang
Xilan Yang
Reng Fang Zhang
Xiaolan Zhu
Coach: Shan Junfan
2. Peru
4. Raquel Chumpitaz1.73m
6. Cecilia del Risco1.74m
7. Cecilia Tait1.82m
9. Denisse Fajardo1.71m
10.Aurora Heredia1.74m
11.Gina Torrealba1.74m
Ana Cecilia Carrilo1.78m
Silvia Leon1.74m
Carmen Pimentel1.74m
Natalia Malaga1.71m
Rosa Garcia1.74m
Gaby Cardenas1.74m
Coach: Mam Bok Park
4. Japan
1. Mizuhara Rieko1.7426
2. Yokoyama Juki1.7427
3. Ogawa Kazuko1.6225
4. Egami Yumi1.7524
5. Morita Kimie1.7124
6. Mitsuya Yuka1.7724
7. Hirose Miyoka1.7023
8. Wako Mikiko1.7322
9. Ishida Kyoko1.7922
10.Juguyama Kayoko1.8022
11.Odaka Emiko1.7919
12.Suzuki Hitomi1.7319
Coach: Kaji Kajima
5. Cuba
Mercedes Perez
Imilsis Telez
Nancy Gonzalez
Erenia Diaz
Teresa Santa Cruz
Josefina Capote
Ana Diaz
Mercedes Pomares
Rubinelda Henry
Lazara Gonzalez
6. Soviet Union
1. Larisa Gubka1.8328
2. Elena Volkova1.9022
3. Lyobov Golovanova1.8723
4. Svetlana Badulina1.7421
5. Vesma Aistere1.8522
6. Yelena Akhaminova
7. Tatiana Cherkasova1.8323
8. Irina Kirilova1.7617
9. Nadezhda Orlova1.7822
10.Ludmila Chernitcheva1.7434
11.Irina Chernyseva1.7529
12.Olga Pozdniakova1.8020
13.Lidia Noguinova1.7031
Coach:Nikolay Karpol
7. South Korea
1. Young Sook Kim1.7724
2. Sun Ok Kwar1.8022
3. Myung Ye Nam1.6823
4. Eun Kyung Lee1.7221
5. Chun Mae Jin1.7622
6. Un Yim Lee1.7222
7. Youg Sun Lee1.8223
8. Ioeing Soon Kim1.82
9. Kyung Ae Han1.7622
10.Keun Sun Jeong1.7220
11.Sang Eun Kim1.7620
12.Mi Hee Park1.7318
Coach: Ho Kwan Park
8. Brazil
1. Ivonete das Neves1.7522
2. Blenda Bartels1.7920
3. Helga Suffert1.7620
4. Vera Mossa1.8317
5. Dulce Thompson1.7319
6. Heloisa Roese1.8025
7. Isabel Barroso1.8022
8. Eliana Leite1.7228
9. Regina Uchoa1.7922
10.Jacqueline Louise1.7020
11.Cristina Maria Rosal1.7822
12.Marta Aparecida1.7522
Coach: Enio Figueiredo
9. Bulgaria
Vania Manova
Mila Rangelova
Verka Stoyanova
Maia Stoeva
1. Andrea Williams
2. Dorothy Schwaiger
3. Tracy Mills
4. Joyce Senyk
5. Maylene Camu
7. Karen Fraser
9. Dorothy Kastelic
10.Caroline Cote
11.Judy Szepesi
12.Karin Maessen
13.Jil Fougner
15.Alice Vandervelden
Pachi Coloma1.7221
Concha Duran1.8319
Teresa Lopez1.7720
Mayte Teigell1.6619
Marta Galceran1.8023
Maria Angeles Garcia1.8020
Rita Maria Oraa1.7319
Isabel Hernandez1.7226
Cristina Porteil1.7026
Cristina Sanchez1.7023
Pilar Larriba1.7321
Miriam Gordon1.7822
Men 1982
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Women All Final Rankings
XIX NED, POL 2022: ___________
XVIII Japan 2018: Serbia
XVII Italy 2014: United States
XVI Japan 2010: Russia
XV Japan 2006: Russia
XIV Berlin 2002: Italy
XIII Tokyo 1998: Cuba
XII Rio de Janeiro 1994: Cuba
Qualification Women WQ 1993
XI Beijing 1990: Soviet Union
Qualification Women B 1990
X Praga 1986: China
Qualifiacation Women B 1986
IX Lima 1982: China
VIII Moskva 1978: Cuba
VII Guadalajara 1974: Japan
VI Varna 1970: Soviet Union
V Tokyo 1967: Japan
IV Moskva 1962: Japan
III Rio de Janeiro 1960: Soviet Union
II Paris 1956: Soviet Union
I Moskva 1952: Soviet Union

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