Women Volleyball World B Championship 1990 Spain - 04-13.05 Qualification to World Women 1990
Netherlands, West Germany and United States qualified to World Women 1990
Qualification from Women B 1990 Qual
Final Groupwlgfgaratio
1. Netherlands4114:61.400
2. West Germany4113:71.151
3. United States4114:81.212
4. Yugoslavia237:100.683
5. Poland147:140.952
6. France055:150.706
Netherlands--- 3:13:13:03:1
United States3:2--- 3:03:23:1
West Germany 3:2---3:03:23:0
Yugoslavia ---3:13:1
Poland ---3:2
France ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at San Lucar de Barrameda (Cadiz)
11.05 FRG West Germany3-2POL Poland60-6313-150-1515-1117-1615-6
11.05 USA United States3-1FRA France50-325-1515-315-915-5
11.05 NED Netherlands3-1YUG Yugoslavia60-2615-615-115-915-10
12.05 NED Netherlands3-1FRG West Germany55-4415-1010-1515-1115-8
12.05 USA United States3-0YUG Yugoslavia45-1715-315-1115-3
12.05 POL Poland3-2FRA France68-5115-215-612-1511-1515-13
13.05 YUG Yugoslavia3-1POL Poland50-385-1515-1015-715-6
13.05 NED Netherlands3-1FRA France57-4012-1515-715-1115-7
13.05 FRG West Germany3-2USA United States57-604-158-1515-1015-1015-10
Final Rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Netherlands7123:6422/2301.835
2. West Germany7122:8397/3071.293
3. United States7123:9425/2861.486
4. Yugoslavia5316:11292/2751.062
5. Poland4417:14392/3341.174
6. France3514:16341/3530.966
eliminated in Groups Round
7. Spain238:10204/2240.911
8. Romania237:9162/1621.000
9. Venezuela144:12170/2000.850
RomaniaEurope Women 19894th
West GermanyEurope Women 19896th
YugoslaviaEurope Women 19898th
PolandEurope Women 19899th
FranceEurope Women 198910th
United StatesNorceca Women 19893rd
AustraliaAsia Women 19897th
VenezuelaSouth America Women 19894th
MauritiusAfrica Women 19892nd
AlgeriaAfrica Women 19893rd

Groups Round.

First 3 to Final Group. Scores ares transferred.
Group Awlgfgaratio
1. West Germany5015:11.829
2. Yugoslavia4112:41.508
3. France3210:71.225
4. Spain238:100.911
5. Venezuela144:120.850
6. Algeria050:150.271
West Germany---3:03:03:13:03:0
Yugoslavia ---3:13:03:03:0
France ---3:13:03:0
Spain ---3:13:0
Venezuela ---3:0
Algeria ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
El Puerto
04.0516:00ESP Spain3-0ALG Algeria45-1315-315-015-10
04.0518:00FRG West Germany3-0YUG Yugoslavia45-1515-215-115-12
transferred to Final Group
04.0520:00FRA France3-0VEN Venezuela46-2915-815-716-14
05.05 YUG Yugoslavia3-0ESP Spain45-2615-1115-715-8
05.05 FRA France3-0ALG Algeria45-2315-615-915-8
05.05 FRG West Germany3-0VEN Venezuela45-3215-1215-1215-8
06.05 YUG Yugoslavia3-1FRA France49-424-1515-915-915-9
transferred to Final Group
06.05 VEN Venezuela3-0ALG Algeria45-1215-415-515-3
06.05 FRG West Germany3-1ESP Spain56-4916-1415-1310-1515-7
08.05 YUG Yugoslavia3-0ALG Algeria45-515-015-015-5
08.05 ESP Spain3-1VEN Venezuela52-5017-155-1515-815-12
08.05 FRG West Germany3-0FRA France45-2515-615-915-10
transferred to Final Group
09.05 FRG West Germany3-0ALG Algeria45-815-015-615-2
09.05 YUG Yugoslavia3-0VEN Venezuela45-1415-515-515-4
09.05 FRA France3-1ESP Spain60-3215-615-515-1715-4
Group Bwlgfgaratio
1. United States5015:41.518
2. Netherlands4114:32.083
3. Poland3211:61.289
4. Romania236:91.000
5. Australia143:120.518
6. Mauritius050:150.227
United States---3:23:23:13:03:0
Netherlands ---3:03:03:03:0
Poland ---3:03:03:0
Romania ---3:03:0
Australia ---3:0
Mauritius ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Jerez de la Frontera
04.0516:00AUS Australia3-0MRI Mauritius45-1915-415-1015-5
04.0518:00USA United States3-2NED Netherlands67-706-1516-1415-1315-1715-11
transferred to Final Group
04.0520:00POL Poland3-0ROU Romania45-2815-1315-915-6
05.05 USA United States3-0MRI Mauritius45-915-115-315-5
05.05 ROU Romania3-0AUS Australia45-1715-915-515-3
05.05 NED Netherlands3-0POL Poland45-2815-1115-1215-5
transferred to Final Group
06.05 USA United States3-0AUS Australia45-715-1015-415-3
06.05 POL Poland3-0MRI Mauritius45-915-015-215-7
06.05 NED Netherlands3-0ROU Romania45-1015-515-215-3
08.05 USA United States3-2POL Poland64-6012-1515-56-1516-1415-11
transferred to Final Group
08.05 NED Netherlands3-0AUS Australia45-715-215-215-3
08.05 ROU Romania3-0MRI Mauritius45-615-115-215-3
09.05 POL Poland3-0AUS Australia45-2715-915-615-12
09.05 NED Netherlands3-0MRI Mauritius45-815-415-315-1
09.05 USA United States3-1ROU Romania49-344-1515-515-415-10
Men B 1990
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