Men Volleyball World Cup 1973 has to be played in Czechoslovakia - Cancelled
The Tournament was not played because a political disput between Czechoslovakia and North Korea. In the middle of August 1973, Czechoslovakia as Host did not accept the inscrition of North Korea 1 day after the term. FIVB accepted the late finish of Asian Championship as a reason for this delay. Altough Czechoslovakia did not agree with this, so the Championship was cancelled. There was not enough time to find a new Host. In September 1973 in Czechoslovakia was played an International Friendship Tournament with the main teams qualified for the World Cup.
Final Groupwlgfgapointsratio
1. Soviet Union309:0136/931.462
2. Poland216:5131/1390.942
3. Czechoslovakia125:6140/1361.029
4. East Germany030:997/1360.713
Soviet Union---3:03:03:0
Poland ---3:23:0
Czechoslovakia ---3:0
East Germany ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
played at Sparty na Letne, Praga
27.0919:30Soviet Union3-0East Germany46-3416-1415-715-13
28.0915:30Czechoslovakia3-0East Germany45-2915-715-1015-12
28.0919:30Soviet Union3-0Poland45-2415-615-815-10
29.0914:30Soviet Union3-0Czechoslovakia45-3515-1015-1215-13
29.0918:30Poland3-0East Germany45-3415-1315-1215-9
Final rankingwlgfgapointsratio
1. Soviet Union5117:5313/2391.310
2. Poland4214:9298/2761.080
3. Czechoslovakia4214:10312/2621.191
4. East Germany156:16260/3060.850
Group 5-8
5. Japan5116:7304/2681.134
6. United States247:14228/2800.814
7. Bulgaria2410:14287/3030.947
8. Brazil157:16245/3130.783
Initial Draw 15.04
Group A Praga
Group B Bratislava
Initial qualification
World Men 1970GDR BUL JPN POL
Europe Men 1971URS
Norceca Men 1971CUB MEX
South America Men 1971BRA
Africa Men 1971TUN
West Europe---
Group 5-8wlgfgapointsratio
5. Japan309:2150/1141.316
6. United States217:5152/1431.063
7. Bulgaria125:8159/1640.970
8. Brazil033:9127/1670.760
United States ---3:23:0
Bulgaria ---3:2
Brazil ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5
Usti nad Orlici
27.0916:00United States3-2Bulgaria63-6415-1315-1310-158-1515-8
27.09 Japan3-1Brazil56-4115-511-1515-1015-11
28.0916:00Japan3-1United States48-442-1515-916-1415-6
28.09 Bulgaria3-2Brazil66-5515-815-127-1514-1615-4
29.0916:00United States3-0Brazil45-3115-915-915-13
29.09 Japan3-0Bulgaria46-2915-916-1415-6
First Groups Round. First 2 to Final Group. Rest to Group 5-8.
Group Bwlgfgapointsratio
1. Czechoslovakia309:4172/1261.365
2. East Germany126:7163/1700.959
3. Bulgaria125:6128/1390.921
4. Brazil124:7118/1460.808
East Germany ---3:1
Bulgaria ---3:0
Brazil 3:1 ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5dur
played at sparty na Letne, Praga
22.0915:30East Germany3-1Bulgaria60-5112-1515-1018-1615-10
23.0915:30Czechoslovakia3-1Bulgaria58-3213-1515-215-815-7 1:19
23.0919:30Brazil3-1East Germany57-4917-1515-1210-1515-7 1:58
24.0919:30Czechoslovakia3-2East Germany62-5415-105-1515-1312-1515-11
Group Bwlgfgapointsratio
1. Poland218:4167/1371.219
2. Soviet Union218:5177/1461.212
3. Japan217:5154/1541.000
4. United States030:976/1370.555
Poland--- 3:13:0
Soviet Union3:2--- 3:0
Japan 3:2---3:0
United States ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2ptsg1g2g3g4g5dur
played in Bratislava
22.0916:00Soviet Union3-2Poland70-6715-1117-1511-1512-1515-11
22.09 Japan3-0United States47-3715-1115-1117-15
23.0916:00Poland3-1Japan55-4315-410-1515-1315-11 1:35
23.09 Soviet Union3-0United States45-1515-115-1015-4
24.0916:00Poland3-0United States45-2415-615-1315-5
24.09 Japan3-2Soviet Union64-6214-163-1517-1515-1215-4
Women 1973
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