Men Volleyball I Challenger Cup 2018 , Portugal 19-24.06 - Winner Portugal
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Sun 24.06.1818:00Portugal3-1Czechia95-8518-2527-2525-1925-16
3rd place Play-Off.
Sun 24.06.1815:00Estonia3-0Cuba80-6530-2825-2125-16
Semi-Finals (1/2)
Sat 23.06.1815:00Czechia3-1Estonia106-9529-3127-2525-1825-21
Sat 23.06.1818:00Portugal3-0Cuba75-6725-2225-2126-24
Portugal - Host
Cuba Norceca/Men 2018 Challenger Cup.
Kazakhstan Asia/Men 2018 Challenger Cup.
Estonia and Czechia from European Golden League Europe Men EL 2018.
Chile from South America/Men 2018 Challenger Cup.
No Africa team - CAVB failed to organise a competition.
Winner will be promoted to 2019 Nations Cup.

Groups Round.

Draw made via serpentine system as places in World Ranking. Host Portugal was put First.
Group AwonlstptsgfgapointsratioWRPortEstoKaza
1. Portugal2066:0151/871.73630.---3:03:0
2. Estonia1133:4126/1270.99232. ---3:1
3. Kazakhstan0201:690/1530.58835. ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Wed 20.06.1821:00Portugal3-0Estonia75-5525-1925-1625-20 1:24500
Thu 21.06.1818:00Estonia3-0Kazakhstan75-3925-2219-2525-1925-20 1:13125
Fri 22.06.1821:00Portugal3-1Kazakhstan75-5525-2325-1925-16 1:25600
Group BwonlstptsgfgapointsratioWRCzecCubaChil
1. Czechia2066:0150/921.63027.---3:03:0
2. Cuba1133:4125/1191.13416.---3:1
3. Chile0201:686/1500.57341. ---
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________pointsset 1set 2set 3set 4set 5duratt.
Tue 19.06.1818:00Czechia3-0Cuba75-6225-1925-2225-19 1:12300
Wed 20.06.1821:00Czechia3-0Chile75-5025-1525-1725-18 1:16150
Thu 21.06.1818:00Cuba3-1Chile117-10838-3625-2229-3125-19 1:20300
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Men 2018 Challenger Cup

Norceca Men 2018 Challenger Cup
Asia Men 2018 Challenger Cup
South America Men 2018 Challenger Cup

Nations League 2018


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